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    Main products: business/sports Bluetooth intercom headset, Bluetooth car intercom, Bluetooth intercom audio, handheld intercom, home intercom phone, intercom K song microphone, intercom smart watch, intercom alarm clock, etc., to provide customers with continuous high-quality and stable products and services
    Diversified terminal equipment
    Break through the limitations of traditional intercom equipment. Diversified external devices to meet the application needs of different scenarios
    Viefong cloud intercom
    Create a new way of short voice real-time communication, make information transfer more timely and communication more effective
    Viefong Cloud Intercom Ecosystem
    According to different scenarios, a variety of terminal products are developed, combined with the Weibo intercom APP to meet real-time communication scenarios such as home, office, and social networking, and form a short-voice real-time communication ecosystem.
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    Provide you with professional solutions and services
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